NSL Competitive Mod Changelog

Mission statement

The vision of the Natural Selection League (NSL) Competitive Modification (CompMod) is to enable fun, fair and balanced play in a 6 vs 6 environment, while remaining as accessible to new players as possible.To do this the team commits to remaining transparent in all changes, to be open to discussion, feedback and criticism, and above all else, to strive to attain enjoyable play for all members of the competitive community, regardless of skill level.


Changes between CompMod and Vanilla:


Mega on 14 January 17 19:57



Blank Starcetereus | S11 Forfeit Champs


2 April 2018, 02:17


Blank BauerJankins | nazi hunter izO

good sir - who, may i ask, is responsible for the current changes implemented into comp mod?
the last council was publicly held accountable for their changes, as you may remember, and their names were visible for anyone to see (they were asked to consent to that)
the reason for that was some drama that i dont remember too well, but i'd like to know, do we still value the lessons we've learned from history?

2 April 2018, 02:30


Blank Starcetereus | S11 Forfeit Champs

Deck and I make the decisions. We discuss ideas with several different third party individuals before making a decision.

2 April 2018, 03:52

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