September Draft Announced

After a long hiatus and a transfer of leadership we are excited to announce the return of competitive play! As per the discord poll we are beginning with a Draft Tournament, starting on September 9th. The Natural Selection League welcomes players new and old to reengage and test their skill!

Sept Draft


You can sign up right now! Make sure you save the link at the end if you want to change your availability.

  • The Sign-Up deadline is 9/06/2022:  1pm PDT / 4pm EDT / 20 UTC / 22 CEST!


Even though we are administrating a Draft tournament the admin team at the NSL will be putting our thumbs on the scale when it come to the assembly of our teams. Consider this signup sheet to be the first phase of drafting. 


Included at the end of the sign up form(linked above) is a section for entering in three preferred team mates.  A Draft Committee will assign players to their respective teams with the aim of creating balanced teams as well as teams that enjoy playing together. 


In the second phase of the draft Team Captains will have the opportunity to trade a player and pick substitutes from the remaining player pool.


The Draft Committee will be staffed by the Event team - applicants still accepted.


Teams will be strongly encouraged to rotate players, so everyone will get to play!

It is our goal that all players responding to this form will get the chance to participate in the Tournament. 



  • Day 0: Captains finalize their teams and may trade players - Sept. 9th
  • Day 1: Teams mached up to play a round robin - Sept. 10th
  • Day 2: Finals and semi finals - Sept. 11th


  • 2 pt for win | 1 pt for a tie | 0 pt for loss 

Prize Pool

  • We are excited to tease the possiblility of a prize pool. Details are being worked out at the moment. Please stay tuned to the discord to stay abreast of this developement! 


Coverage for the event will be available at .tv/NSLtv

More details can be found here and on our discord.


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