Open Tournament #14 Announced

Spring Draft Tournament Results 

And so the Spring Draft Tournament is over, with Team Wraith coming victorious, followed by Team ZiskaI and Team Ryuzen. We now prepare for the heat of the summer and the fieriness of competitive NS2, and with that comes the Open Tournament #14!


Open Tournament #14:

The Open Tournament is your run of the mill 'Create team, Beat other teams, Win it all', do you have what it takes to become the next Open Tournament Champions?

Its all very simple, get 6-8 players, beat the others in 3-4 rounds of the group stage, and then battle in the finals to be crowned the Winner of the Open Tournament.


Date & Time:

The 14th Open Tournament will be held over the weekend.

Group Stage + Semifinals: Saturday, June 3rd.

Finals: Sunday, June 4th.

All three of the stages will occur at 4PM GMT / 4PM UTC / 9AM PT / 6PM CET / 12PM ET (Check the Discord Announcement for a Timestamp customized to your timezone. 


You must be registered as a member of a single team that has signed up at least 1 day in advance.

Your team must consist of 6-8 players.


A full list of the rules can be found Here.



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