Season 17 starts tomorrow

Happy Spooktober, everyone!

October is upon us and this also means Season 17 will start tomorrow, October 2nd!

Rules have been updated - A contest for the group phase created - Matches pre-scheduled

Please make sure to contact the team you are meant to play against in the respective week in time, so you can schedule your match in that week.
Once that is done, please contact a referee so they can update your pre-scheduled match with the date and time, and of course referee your match.
Referees can be found under Staff > Referee.

Due to uncertainties about ns2_summit and upcoming changes with build 335, pSyk offered us to make the ns2_summit of the current build 334 available via mod.
Season 17 will play Summit of the current build 334.


Espa on 01 October 20 20:43


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