Balance Team applications

Balance is important to the NSL. There has been feedback to make things in regards to the balance team more open.

To start, we have made a new Discord channel called "# balance-team-applications".

It is our hope that this will make everything more clear & open in regards to joining the balance team.
If you have any comments feel free to let us know.


How to apply for the Balance Team


  1. Read and prepare answers to the pinned questions mentioned in this channel.
  2. Message the questions & answers to any admin. Posting in the channel is disabled to prevent needless debates in this channel.
  3. An admin will post the answers in the channel for all to see. This keeps the process open for all to see. Please note partial responses will not be posted.
  4. The Balance team can vote with Thumbsup / Thumbsdown. If they wish to cast individual votes or only show the end result is up to the BT.
  5. Admins check if they wish to veto the choice. For example if most members on the BT would be from one competitive team, or on ties. Admins will vote on any veto. On a tie the Executive Admin makes the deciding call. In absence the League Admin makes the call.
  6. Admins will post the end result in the channel. Of course if the application is successful, the correct Discord Role & Website Group will be assigned.

Questions to answer
Please reply with both the questions and answers to any admin.What is your ENSL Name?

  1. What is your ENSL join date?
  2. How many Hours Played & what is your skill level?
  3. What is your Lifeform/role in the game?
  4. How many ENSL Seasons/tournament have you played?
  5. Have you any Season or tournaments wins?
  6. Do you have any previous expertise in balancing/coding?
  7. What is your reason for wanting to join?
  8. What role do you wish to perform? (Balance, coding, both)
  9. Anything additional you wish to add?

Please be aware the Balance Team uses NDA information from UWE in their process.
A NDA is currently required.

Additional Info
The process & questions are made with community feedback in mind. Please keep in mind that depending on future feedback, both the process & the questions are subject to change.
Ongoing applications will be using the questions at the start of the application

DCDarkling on 22 January 21 22:47


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