Open Tournament 11 results and future tournaments!

Congratulations to the winners of the Open Tournament 11! The top three teams will receive an in-game belt style badge to commemerate their placement in this tournament.


First place: Deaß∞GÆme♂Eñthu¿iast

Second place: ELOgain

Third place: Handwashers


We hope everyone had fun participating in and watching these awesome games during the NSL Open 11!


We feel this type of tournament fits our community well at this stage, and hope to host some more in due time. If you have any suggestions for future tournamnets, please let us know!

infamous on 21 November 22 00:15



Blank crowbar | ELOgain

Thx for hosting and the effort!

21 November 2022, 12:16


Blank GreenRex | Spikes n Swipes

GGs Handwashers!
(also good job inf I guess)

22 November 2022, 14:51


Blank knifey | Barrel O' Monkey's


25 November 2022, 21:55

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